Andrew Challoner - Professional Bass Player  



Read about what producers, sound engineers, songwriters, other musicians and students are saying about Andrew and his bass playing and teaching. Scroll down to see Recording, Gigs and Tuition.


  • "Andrew first came to my attention on a project I was recording… the band needed a session bass player and I didn’t have a say in who they booked… so my initial thoughts were very much…”I Hope He’s Good and Has Great Gear”... it’s always a risk when getting someone into the studio sight and reputation unseen. I need not have worried… he arrived on time, with great gear and fully prepared in every way to play the songs. He is now one of my regular session players."
    [Jeff Cripps - Owner and producer at A Sharp Recording Studios]
  • "I am well connected with lots of quality pro musicians I've played with and worked with on many albums. Andrew Challoner is my absolute first choice bass session musician for any recording or session work. His professionalism in writing up quality charts, bringing about a vast array of different basses and amps to taylor the bass sound to suit the song, and his knowledge of playing in many different styles make him what I call Sydney's best bass player. Even when working with him remotely by sending him tracks via email makes sessions such a seamless and easy process. Within hours I receive back pro quality tracks that always compliment the song. Highly recommended."
    [Darko Zoric - singer/songwriter, musician and producer and owner of Jumbo Note Studios].
  • "I had the pleasure of working with Andrew in June 2009, on a 6 track EP. From day 1, he was easily the most organised and professional person I've collaborated with. He was able to produce working notation for all 6 songs in only 3 days, just from listening to demos and practically all tracks were laid on the 2nd take. Andrew was positive and proactive throughout, from the recommendation of an outstanding session drummer, right down to making small changes in playing style. I have no hesitation in backing both Andrew’s skill and flexibility and look forward to recording with him again in future."
    [Jed McMillan - Singer / Songwriter]


  • "We have had the pleasure of Andrew filling in for us on numerous occasions for a number of our bands. Total professional and a fantastic player as well. Makes our job so much easier when we know he is depping as it’s like having your regular guy there. He does all of the hard work before the gig and is bang on the money at the gig. We love him!" (Andrew is now a permanent member of Jellybean Jam)
    [Andy Caryofylis manager of Jellybean Jam]

  • "As a drummer I look for a bass player with good timing, good feel, good technique and someone who is easy to be around. Andrew is all of these things and it is always a pleasure gigging with him. He is very professional and very easy to work with."
    [Luke Herbert - Session drummer in Nashville]

  • "Andy Challoner is great guy, and a wonderful musician. He has a natural approach to bass playing and he knows how to groove!"
    [Jeff Crabtree - Principal of the School Of Creative Arts Christian City Church Oxford Falls]

  • "Andrew is an active music leader of Creative Ministries and plays an integral role in the team. His abilities as both a musician and band leader has been a key factor in the success of Creative Ministries. He has shown an innate musical intuition in leading the church music team in a live gig setting. He is certainly an outstanding bass player and music leader."
    [Brian Maxwell - Creative Ministries Leader Mona Vale Christian Life Centre]

  • "I have witnessed Andrews Challoner's bass playing on many occasions at various functions and events paying in bands. Andrew plays well and is a very solid and reliable player. He is adaptable and able to play a broad variety of styles including Jazz, Funk, Soul, Hip Hop and Rock with a great knowledge and repertoire comprising a vast array of songs and tunes. He reads Music and Tab charts and is aware of the technical aspects of music as well as the mechanics of playing. Andrew Is also a team player holding his line in the rhythm section while not over playing or showing off, but simply holding the song together as the bond between rhythm and melody as a bass player should.
    From a sound operators perspective, Andrew Has good equipment that gives me what I need, he is always on time for sound check and cooperative regarding controlling stage volume during the show. In short he knows his stage craft."
    [Jim Morley - Voyager Sound]


  • "Our son, Jack, has been studying under Andrew for almost two years. He began knowing nothing about bass guitar or music generally. Today, he is a sort after bassist in his school. Jack always looks forward to his lessons and has learnt a great deal about both theory and practical musicianship. Recently I took Jack to Mall Music where he tried out some of their bass guitars. A number of staff gathered around amazed at how well this 12 year old could play. They asked who his teacher was – the answer – Andrew Challoner. Thanks Andrew for your patience and expert tuition of Jack over the last two years."
    [Gordon - Father of Jack. This quote was from 2009. See the below quote for an update from 2013!]
  • "Andrew Challoner has been tutoring my son Jack in bass guitar for over six years. Under Andrew's systematic tutelage Jack has developed substantially, in terms of both performance and theory. Jack has reached a level of proficiency where he frequently tops his class in year 12 music class and has performed at a number of live, paid gigs with his jazz band at Northern Beaches venues. I can highly recommend Andrew's services to anyone who is serious about learning or improving their skills in bass guitar."
    [Gordon - Father of Jack]
  • "Our son James has been tutored by Andrew for 4 and a half years and has enjoyed every lesson. Andrew is a talented educator and has offered music and tutoring to engage James and continues to set pieces that stretch him. James has completed his AMEB CPM grade exam with wonderful results and been selected in the Northern Sydney Regional Band, an auditioned band program. He is now a member of a private band program playing with musicians several years older and more experienced, and this is a testament to the tutelage of Andrew. Thank you Andrew I really could write pages of praise for your tutoring!!"
    [Margie - Mother of James]
  • "Andrew is a brilliant bass guitar teacher. He uses modern technology to be engaging and fun, whilst still emphasising great technique so students can be great players long term. He is a musician who knows his instrument and has a personality that is patient, kind and perfect for teaching."
    [Jacqui Shaw Creative and Performing Arts Coordinator, Conductor, and Classroom Music Teacher at Mona Vale Public School. B. Mus. E. @ Conservatorium of Music]
  • "Andrew has been my bass teacher for the past few years. I was a late starter on the bass so I suppose I have a much clearer idea of what I want to be able to on the bass than young students. Basically I tell Andrew what I want to learn or what I want to be able to do and he then shows me and weaves the theory in accordingly. Sessions are fun, productive and also challenging. He lets me record the sessions so I can go back over them after the lesson which is a huge bonus. I'’ve learnt heaps through Andrew's lessons."
    [Richard Andrew - weekend warrior]