Andrew Challoner - Professional Bass Player  


Recording - About

Andrew Challoner is a professional session bass player in Sydney, Australia. He is experienced as a studio bassist and will produce quality, real bass tracks for your music. Andrew is available to record in the studio or you can send the tracks. He can record bass for singers, songwriters, musicians, bands, original artists, composers, apps, video games, instrument tutorials, advertisements, backing tracks, movie scores and soundtracks.

Andrew is proficient in many styles and genres including rock, pop, soul, r n? b, funk, blues, reggae jazz, latin, dance, hip hop, electronica, metal, instrumental, gospel, Christian, world, and sub genres. He can also help each artist to create and develop their own unique sound and style.

When you hire Andrew you get a bass sound that is clear and defined. He uses a range of first class gear to deliver different tones and sounds. Andrew has the ability to write creative basslines that fit your song and get them on tape within a few takes. He knows how much to play and not to play, and most importantly makes it groove!

Here's a few things that Andrew's bass playing can add to your music:

  • Groove and feel
  • Locking in with the bass drum
  • Harmony bass notes
  • Counter melodies, bass hooks, and fills
  • Walking bass lines
  • Fingerstyle, pick playing, and slap and pop techniques
  • A variety of bass tones / sounds and effects
  • Doubling other instruments like guitar riffs, keyboard synth lines, piano bass lines, and lower brass
  • Can also play guitar and percussion

Andrew can read charts and notation or play by ear. He can also learn your songs before the session to save time, and will do his own notated charts that you can keep. Andrew will always show up early and be ready to record by the scheduled session time. Rates are flexible as every session is different, and this can be negotiated. Any recording project from a full album in a big studio to a single song demo in a home studio is considered. If you need any other musicians Andrew can help organise this as he has a lot of contacts in the music industry.

Feel free to contact Andrew anytime to discuss bookings and rates for any recording.

Andrew is also currently recording his own solo bass album.


Recording - Experience

Andrew is currently a session bass player at A Sharp Studios in Sydney. He has done many sessions for award winning producer Jeff Cripps and thoroughly enjoys it.

Andrew has also recorded at:

  • BJB Studio
  • Dave Hammer Studio
  • Dreadnought Studio
  • Groovestar Studio
  • John Morrison's Studio
  • Jumbo Note Studio
  • Mona Vale Music Studio
  • Pete Drummond Studio
  • Peter Northcote Studio
  • Q Studios @ Australian Institute Of Music (AIM)
  • SAE studios
  • Stagedoor Studio
  • Sydney Conservatorium Studios
  • Troy Horse Studio
  • Urban Fire Beats Studio
  • Zen Studios, St Peters

Andrew's discography includes credits with:


  • Azadoota
  • Brooke Kennedy
  • Catfish Club
  • Daniel Raphael
  • Danny John Trio
  • Darko Zoric
  • Dave Walls
  • Eden Paris
  • Foozle Songwriters
  • Jaiken Fitzpatrick
  • Jed Mcmillan
  • Jeff Mcnaughton
  • Jenna and the Temples
  • Johnny V
  • Kieran Roberts
  • Luke Duffy
  • Luke Ingram
  • Michael Thomson
  • Mick Peaker
  • Nicholas George
  • Optic Nerve
  • Peter Hunt
  • Richard Madden (live)
  • Sarah Jane
  • SCA Songwriters
  • Sebastian Thomas
  • Simon Brooks
  • Steve Mcnaughton
  • Ted Coates
  • The Cosh
  • The Songriders
  • Thundasteel

Recording - How It Works

Many musicians, singers and songwriters are unfamiliar with how the recording process works. There are lots of decisions to make and each step is important. It?s easy to book Andrew to record some quality bass tracks for your songs. The following steps will help you get the most out of your music: There are 2 options to recording bass. Andrew can either come into the studio (home or professional studio) or you can send the tracks to Andrew to do at his private studio.

In The Studio:

  • Decide which songs to record. It's always better to go for quality rather than quantity. Better to have 5 great songs than 10 average songs.


  • Record a quick demo of the songs. This can be just be acoustic guitar or piano and voice, and doesn't have to be high quality. Andrew can then listen to the song beforehand and do a chord chart, which saves time and money in the studio.


  • Book a studio. Andrew recommends A# Studio in Riverwood in Sydney with producer Jeff Cripps. Andrew can also provide recommendations for other session musicians.


  • If you are hiring other musicians it's always better to have them in the studio at the same time. Studio musicians should be able to offer creative suggestions to enhance your songs, and bounce ideas off each other. This applies particularly to bass and drums as they work together to make your song groove and feel good!


  • Establish the direction of your music. What styles or artists are you trying to sound like? What are you going to do with your music? It?s worth spending time talking to the producer and musicians before the recording so that they can fulfil your vision. Andrew is available to meet or rehearse the songs earlier if necessary. This process is known as pre-production, and is used arrange your songs and to work out the form, tempo, feel and instrumentation.


  • Once all the preparation is done then it allows the recording on the day to be creative and fun and for the musicians to capture that ?magic? in the music.


  • You as the artist are free to give Andrew as much or as little direction as you like. Andrew can create bass lines to compliment your music and can come up with ideas to take your music to the next level.


Send The Tracks:

  • This option is for producers who want some to be able to produce some great bass tracks efficiently and effectively. It can also be used for singers, musicians and composers who are in remote areas, or who are in other cities apart from Sydney.


  • Send the tracks in the highest quality possible to Andrew via It's easier if you send each track, or groups of tracks known as stems (e.g. all the drum tracks on 1 file). That way Andrew can do a quick mix when recording. For example he could turn up the drums or isolate the keyboard track to double a specific part.


  • Provide a click track or make sure that all the tracks line up in terms of time.


  • Establish the direction of your music. What styles or artists are you trying to sound like? You can provide example of songs or bass sounds that you would like to hear.


  • Specify the bit rate. E.g. 44.1hz. Andrew records in Pro Tools and you will receive the tracks as a .wav file. Andrew can also export the tracks to be another format if required.


  • Andrew can provide multiple takes if required. For example he can send you 2 different bass tones, or different stylistic approaches.


  • Andrew provides a fast turnaround time for tracks and can resend the tracks with any changes or fixes necessary.


  • Payment can be done safely and securely via paypal. Contact Andrew now to start with your 1st track FREE!

Feel free to contact Andrew anytime on 0410-625-981 or at, to discuss bookings and rates for any recording or to arrange an audition.